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Rhythm of Life  is a site specific triptych designed for an art collectors master bedroom suite.  Over 800 separate coral inspired elements flow across the canvases giving the serene impression that  the viewer is a scuba diver floating gently above. The small elements collect in colonies and form swirling eddies that take the eye from one panel to another and back again!. There are dozens of small flora and fauna groupings to gaze at and get lost in. Although quite an active piece, the soft colors and textures keep it well grounded amidst the stylish room décor which makes it feel as if it was born and grew right in the space. Truly a wonderful marriage of fine art and design.   Dim. 10 ft W. x 30 in H x 6 ½ in D.  For information on a custom piece for your space, please email me.

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