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Art jewelry and home decor

Art for the Body and the Soul

The jewelry collections capture a raw and timeless elegance. Each piece displays an intriguing combination of natural and manmade materials.

Dynamic Art for the Home and Body

Welcome to Donna Greenberg arts. I invite you to explore my newest collection of hand sculpted and painted wall reliefs, vessels and jewelry, inspired by the fantastic forms and colours of curious beauty that abounds in the natural world. 

Art for your space

This collection of vessels, wall art, and luminarias features organic forms brimming with hand sculpted details that are pleasing to the touch and richly colored to delight your eyes.

shop-Point Taken-R09 image 2
Bangcuf_img21_Ribbon of Fire

Introducing Bio Systems

This series is inspired by the small patches of forest floor, coral reef  or hidden woods and  meadows that may go unnoticed in the hurried pace of today’s living. They are little worlds complete unto themselves and tend to be more of a fantasy interpretation of the natural world rather than a slavish attention to realism.  It would be impossible to chronicle even a tiny portion of the bio diversity of our planet’s small organisms so I happily borrow liberally from them to create my  own reality.

Recent & Upcoming Exhibitions

Continuing - Jewelry-Creative Journeys Studios, Atlanta Georgia.


Continuing - Jewelry-Arts Unbound Showcase, Montclair, NJ.


2018-Group ShowThe Raven Gallery- Jersey City, NJ.

2018 - 19 Group show- Art House Productions. Jersey City, NJ.

2018 - Group show Dora Stern Gallery, Orange, NJ

2018 - Group Show- West Village Gallery, Jersey City,NJ.

2018 - Group Show- 107 Bowers Gallery, Jersey City, NJ.

2018 - Pro-Arts Group Art Walk, Grace Church. Jersey City, NJ.


Friends of Arts Unbound. March 31 - April 30. - The Dora Stern Gallery at Arts Unbound. Orange, NJ


The Raven Gallery Anniversary show. Jersey City, New Jersey. March, 2016


Galerie Freisleben Open Exhibition, 2014-current, Uebersee, Germany


(in)Organic, September 2014 - Jan 4 2015, Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconson


‘Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder’ Ongoing, Ganoksin Online.


Raven Gallery,’ Freakshow’, Oct. 2015 , Jersey City, New Jersey


JCAST Arts Show, Oct, 2015, Jersey City,New Jersey


CreatedFORMA, a chic ,urban line of wholesale and retail jewelry sold in USA,China, Japan . FORMA jewelry is in the private collections of many artists in the music and film industry. 


Jewelry featured in NYC  2011  Fashion Week editorials        


Jewelry featured in Cover Story - Plaza Kvinna Magazine, ‘A Day at the Mansion” 2012.  Sweden. 

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