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The voluptuous form of this piece is complemented by the spiraling ribbons that surround the upper half, all pointing to the removable lid. Translucent clay has been sculpted and formed  to cover a heavy glass bowl interior.  The Hive has multiple uses that are a delightful surprlse. On it’s own, The Hive stands beautifully on it’s own, but once the lid is removed the magic begins.  Water can be poured into it because of the glass interior so that it can hold live flowers or greenery. It can hold dried flowers as well. When a battery LED light is placed in the center, The Hive takes on a magical glow, showing all the beautiful hand sculpted details. This is truly a  stand out piece for all reasons and seasons. Dim. 12 in diam x 9 in H.-  Solid glass bowl,  Translucent polymer, oil glaze.

The Hive

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